November 29, 2012

Sometimes when I pray, I go into it basically looking for some cleansing and renewal of energy.  Somebody asked me who I address this to.

I don’t address it to some other sources of spiritual guidance I might have, sources some people might call a spirit guide or a spiritual partner who is more spiritually advanced than I.  I don’t think of to whom I’m addressing myself in the way that I understand Christians understand Jesus.  I also don’t confuse such sources with astral plane boyfriends, or worse, confuse an astral plane boyfriend with an even deeper source.  And, of course, I try to avoid sources of what I’ve heard called spiritual spam.

Sometimes what I do when I pray for renewal, as I guess I might call it, is I think about my “friends” in the universe — positive energy that would like to be helpful to me, is how I might express that concept.  The “friends” idea helps me focus my own emotional posture, in order for me to be more effectively receptive to help.  Sometimes my conceptualization is more impersonal — light, water, energy, a cleansing process almost like giving over my dirty laundry and receiving back clean clothing in exchange.  (Sometimes I think of it as changing out dirty air filters, for example, when I’m in a room full of people and absorbing all kinds of stuff.)

I try to be careful not to throw my spiritual antennae out in the direction of a limited source (a dead end),  someone who will do something damaging with my trust and energy, or even just someone who is not actually structurally supposed to be a conduit for me.  I think there are intermediaries, I don’t think I plug into an ultimate source myself, I don’t think I hear “God” directly — I think I plug into the universe and through a broad connection, can hear things as translated into ideas I can understand with my mental processes, and I think there are “layers” through which this translation occurs (I’m not sure it needs to be thought of as “beings” doing active translation, I think it can be more like filters that add something like contrast medium, so I can follow, to what exists in a more abstract format.)

So that’s my sense of intermediaries.  Please take from what I’ve said if you find it helpful.


One Response to “Intermediaries”

  1. Richard Says:

    I usually pray that as I go about my day, I have a clear understanding of what is going on. Whether the crazy world, my relationships with people who immediately matter or the beauty which surrounds me, I want to fully appreciate it, perhaps even understand it.I will be satisfied with that.

    I don’t pray to any diety for it feels thare are many or they are all wrapped up into one which is too complex to identify. I find that complexity humbling and empowering at the same time.

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