Bubble gum wisdom

November 21, 2012

I bought a package of bubble gum the other day, and I left it open on the kitchen table at some point.

My back was to the table as I was reading something on my computer.  Jordan was cooking, and suddenly he said, “Try explaining the taste of bubble gum to someone who has never tasted it.”  I thought to myself, “Oh wow, he’s somehow encountered that sort of famous idea about trying to transmit to someone who hasn’t experienced faith what it’s like to experience faith.”  (It’s usually sugar or candy, not bubble gum, that is the example used.)  And then he pointed out that he was reading what was printed on the inside of the gum package.

So was this packaging copy written by someone who was familiar with the spiritual context and use of the idea, or did they just kind of stumble into the thought while thinking only about the gum?  I get a kick out of it either way — I love when the sublime and the mundane meet and mix and it isn’t altogether clear which is primary and which is the spin-off.


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