Time frames

November 10, 2012

This is a reaction to Richard Rohr’s daily meditation (which is still getting stuck in my spam folder).

Reincarnation is a helpful way of viewing the project of connecting thoroughly with that part of us that is universal.  Because that way we have more patience for the process and hence are more content to do that which we can and not worry about the rest.  Trying to jump ahead to spiritual levels we’re not ready for can produce spiritual emergencies.  Let everybody proceed at the pace that serves their greater good.

Plenty of people who are spiritually developed to a great extent get upended by their misunderstanding that they should attempt more than they actually can do.  It’s a cooperative venture, what we human beings are engaged in, and we each do a piece.  We bring our willingness, and once we have exhausted what we can do, we let another take up the role.  The concept of reincarnation allows us to see that we are working on only a piece, and so it may help us to have more patience and understanding through that concept of why our role is limited, and to have more satisfaction in whatever our contribution turns out to be, regardless of how limited it might seem.

Sanding of the encrustation of human, self-protective layers with which our souls become encrusted takes time.  I see it as kind of like what archaeologists or paleontologists do when they unearth an artifact or skeleton and patiently remove what has enveloped it.  I don’t think people do the whole thing in one lifetime.  The essence of the person is always the same, the outer trappings I think change over lifetimes, especially as bits and pieces fall away from the sanding process.  This also helps us see our personal identities for what they, ephemeral and not all that significant.

Well, that’s what I see, that’s the part of the elephant I feel.  I am happy to hear what other parts others are feeling.


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