Unseen artistry

October 27, 2012

Actually, it was about unseen dentistry.

I had a filling replaced this morning, in order to encompass the edge of the tooth which had apparently subsequently chipped.  The procedure didn’t take very long and wasn’t difficult to tolerate, but my dentist seems to go through a much more elaborate procedure for crafting a filling than I remember from years ago.  I think there are sealants before the actual filling compound is introduced and then there are different kinds of procedures for finishing the surface of the filling (not to mention some sort of temporary brace for making it easier to fill to the edge of the tooth).

Anyway, when he was done and I was leaving I said, “It’s too bad nobody will get to see it,” and I made a reference to the care that he put into crafting the filling, and he smiled and said something about how he had seen it and enjoyed seeing his work and that was all the satisfaction he needed (he put it more succinctly but I don’t remember how).

I liked that.


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