October 22, 2012

Mitik is a baby walrus who was found separated from his herd (along with another baby walrus).  He’s been transferred to the NY Aquarium recently, and the pictures and videos are really fetching.  (Here are two: one and two.)  Apparently baby walruses need to cuddle, and the way he puts his head in his human attendants’ laps reminds me of things our Standard Poodle used to do as a puppy.  He, obviously, was smaller as a youngster than a baby walrus, and he used to climb into my lap and fall asleep while being cuddled and petted.  He continued with this even after he got kind of too big to fit — I would sit on the floor with my back against a wall and he would kind of spread himself over me (he was nice and warm, since dogs have a higher internal body temperature than we do), so that’s part of why the walrus stories reminded me of this.

Okay, that’s my attempt at something more cheerful (see previous post).


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