Up a tree

October 9, 2012

I was walking around the reservoir late this afternoon and I got this urge to backtrack a few steps and look up into a tree, and there’s this big waterfowl with a very long beak way up in the branches.  Somebody else passed by and I spent some time trying to show her where the bird was.  She knew less about what it might be than I, but she did finally see it.   I told her that I expect to see such a creature on the ground or in the water, not high in a tree, but I have seen the big water birds flying, so why not see them perched in a tree?

Its underbelly looked speckled from where I was standing, but its wings might have been the greyish-blue of a Great Blue Heron.  Don’t know, it was hard to see much and I didn’t want to disturb it.  As it was, it took me a bit to realize it was a bird, and, then, not a hawk.

The tree it was was sitting in is at a place along the path where I have often gotten insights into things that were troubling me.  I’m not sure how to interpret having seen this sight there today instead, but after hearing Salman Rushdie talk later this evening on the PBS NewsHour about the Satanic Verses, I looked them up on the internet and read something about how they involve a word that is thought to refer to cranes.  That at least anchored my sighting with a little synchronicity.  I still don’t have much insight into what’s on my mind.  Or maybe I’m just not open to hearing it.


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