Flying leaves

September 25, 2012

Shortly after I wrote the post “Against the grain” this morning, in which I mention aeronautics, lift, and leaps, I was staring out my window while brushing out my hair, and I saw two yellow leaves swirling upwards above the telephone and electrical wires outside.  For a moment I wondered if they were butterflies, because they were definitely and firmly going UP, but no, I think they were leaves from the tree next door.  Bright golden yellow.

In addition to the synchronicity of sorts, I had to laugh, because when I was quite young, a preschooler, I had what my family seemed to think was an imaginary friend, and I referred to him as “The Man on the Flying Leaf.”  I said he spoke to me in “Milk-bottle Language.”  My family derided the whole thing, and at some point it stopped.  So I liked the leaves swirling upwards this morning, as a symbol of faith, and also because I like the idea that it would be wrapped up with my Man on the Flying Leaf imagery.


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