September 19, 2012

My dad has his collection, mostly spoken in German (a few examples, in his translations: “‘Oh Lord, he will devour me,'” said after a yawn — that’s Jonah and the whale, I think; “divide it and eat it in a brotherly fashion,” pronounced when divvying up food, such as the end of a cake; “I know my Poppenheimer,” said to indicate the speaker can understand the word or deed whence it comes).

I think his dad had a collection of his own.

Willy had a collection of a different sort.  Two that come first to mind are “Less involved is less involved” and “Just do something reasonable.”  “That’s when you’re dead” was a line, too, but since it was a rejoinder, it’s harder to explain (it came up in my previous post today).  There were others, maybe I’ll post more, as they come to me.



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