More wildlife

September 14, 2012

Raccoons, at the back door, standing up on their hind legs with their front paws on the glass.  Was not even eight o’clock at night.  Jordan said it was because they heard me taking out the garbage to the street.  I know I contribute to their interest in staying around here by having an open compost heap into which I throw fruit and vegetable scraps as well as some garden and yard waste.

One raccoon was pretty big, the other somewhat smaller.  I’ve seen them before, but I don’t know where they live.  As long as it’s not in my house, I’m pretty okay with sharing the property with them, the skunk, the squirrels, the moles, a snake, and the bunnies (whom I haven’t seen this year).

I was a little surprised at their coming up to the back door like that, seemingly without any fear.  I think they would have walked right in if I had opened the door.


2 Responses to “More wildlife”

  1. Richard Says:

    Racoons are fearless and they will move right into your garage if you keep any food there. They are at least clean. My last house had a ravine near by and at dusk they would come out to feed. At one point I had a kids swimming pool on the deck and they would wash some of the food off in the pool! You need industrial strength trash containers.

    My current residence has no ‘coons but plenty of skunk in the fall (soon) an this summer had lots of rabbits and chipmunks. I put out water for they and the birds, especially with the drought like conditions we experienced. Only drawback is that daily some critter was poaching a new tomato, taking a nibble or two and upon deciding it distasteful, discarding it. They would then repeat this process. Limited memory, I guess.

    • Diana Moses Says:

      The raccoons have chewed a (small) hole in the lid of the stronger trash barrel we bought. We use bungee cords when there’s kitchen trash in it (our barrels and bins are under a shelf behind the shed, or along the garage if the snows get high). The raccoons don’t seem to find the can when it’s out for pick-up at the curb, which is a good thing, since we take off the bungee cords before we put it out.

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