Those who don’t [want to?] do, teach

August 3, 2012

I was thinking about the adage “Those who can’t do, teach” and wondered if some people who insist on teaching and never doing are not so much acceding to a calling but resisting trying something they don’t want to do.  Maybe it’s fear of pain or embarrassment, maybe they had a bad experience of it before, but doing leads to growth of a sort that talking about the dynamic never will.

Some people do both (both the doing and the teaching, that is), I think, and some people only “do” and leave it to others to write or talk about it.  It’s the people who never “do” that concern me, because as I see them, they’re stuck.

My “teaching” here would be that if I am hearing myself pontificating about some issue constantly, I should entertain the possibility that I’m trying to get myself to listen, not others, and that my message to myself is to engage in less talk and more action on the subject.

As this implies, I think movement forward in one’s spiritual life is to be cultivated, stasis for long periods of time to be avoided (that is, until we get There, but of course when that happens, we — at least, most of us — are no longer here).


One Response to “Those who don’t [want to?] do, teach”

  1. Richard Says:

    I’d always hoped that as part of education reform, business and industry would do some sort of sabbatical exchange program with schools. For a year an engineer or sales person etc. could come in and teach at a public school for the year while a teacher would be matched up with some productive job at the company.

    We lose a lot when we don’t cross train our talented people We also lose that concept that we are interconnected and dependent on each other to make community work.

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