Gnosis, love, and serenity

July 18, 2012

It isn’t clear to me how these three things are related to each other.  I suspect that when we truly learn to get our ego out of the way, we have all three.  Perhaps things like pride impede gnosis,  bitterness love, and anxiety serenity, I don’t know.  I kind of think that when we have all three we are “enlightened.”

Maybe it’s like a tennis or golf player looking to pick up wins in certain different tournaments, or race horse owners looking to have a Triple Crown winner — I think it’s difficult to have all three, especially if possession of one or two of them without the others leads to further damage that increases the pride, bitterness, or anxiety.  In other words, suppose, for example, someone gains gnosis but loses a beloved and they become more bitter that their insight did not protect them from loss.  Opening their heart and locating their capacity for love I think would become more remote under those circumstances.

I have also wondered what happens when a person experiences someone else’s gnosis, love, or serenity through an empathetic experience with a person who has developed it internally and therefore possesses it more stably.  If the second person does not have the basis in themselves for the attribute then I suspect the possession of it through this borrowing of someone else’s will be fleeting.  What worries me is what happens if the fleeting experience is enough to allow the borrower to make use of the attribute in a way a person who actually developed it on their own would never do — like writing down gnostic insights and publishing them in a book.  To my mind, gnosis is an internal practice and teaching a spiritual practice should involve a spiritual teacher of some sort.  A book can allow a reader to try to apprehend a multidimensional idea through their intellect and come up with a damaging misunderstanding.  In addition, if gnosis is not thoroughly achieved, that next person may try to pass along to a subsequent person an understanding that is even more distorted from what would be understood through an internal development of the attribute.

I have an example of this in mind, “creative destruction.”  I’m going to put it in a separate post.

My point here is merely that perhaps we can, to the detriment of ourselves and others, create difficulties to spiritual development through the interplay of personal private development with social interrelationships with others.



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