July 17, 2012

I read Frank Bruni’s current op-ed piece last night, and it launched itself off of an article that included dubious travel tips from Tim Ferriss (about whom I know nothing, I think).

This morning I was walking to the Post Office and noticed on the sidewalk a pamphlet:  “A Traveller’s Guide to Heaven.”  It’s printed in Canada and it says “Evangelical Tract Distributors” on the back of it, too.

It uses air travel as a very extended metaphor in order make points about traveling to heaven, covering topics such as clothing, luggage, and tickets, and ending each with a quotation from the Bible (mostly the New Testament).

I like the synchronicity and the mixture of elements in my life: metaphor, religion, newspaper reading.  I’m less sure about the content of Ferriss’s article or the pamphlet.


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