Lemonade stand

July 13, 2012

Near where I get off the bike path to cross the playing field to get to the reservoir there has been of late a lemonade stand.  The first time I encountered it it was manned by two boys.  I bought a cup, after explaining that I was not entitled to the senior citizen price they wanted to give me (it’s near an assisted living residence and a low-income senior housing complex, too).  Subsequent to that, I saw the younger boy (I’d guess he’s about 11) on the bike path, and I was (pleasantly) surprised when he waved to me and said hi (nowadays, I’m not sure kids are supposed to be friendly to people they don’t really know).  I said hi back.

Today I’m not sure whether the lemonade stand was up and running when I started my walk, because I came down the staircase to the bike path at Trader Joe’s, which is directly opposite the entrance to the field.  Towards the end of my walk around the reservoir, I saw a baseball floating near the shore and I fished it out.  As I got on the bike path a few minutes later, I saw the younger boy and he waved, and I said hello, and he sprinted off — it turns out, to a table with the lemonade.

I went up to the table and offered him the baseball.  He actually seemed quite pleased to have it.  I explained I had found it in the res and that it wasn’t in perfect condition (although it was in very good condition).  There was nothing jaded in his response (which I don’t take for granted anymore if you offer a young person something less than a fancy hand-held electronic device), he seemed genuinely thrilled to get an unexpected baseball.  I was pretty pleased myself to have found an appropriate home for the ball, since while I liked fishing it out of the water, I really had no use for it.  I had thought about leaving it on the playing field between the reservoir and the bike path, but I didn’t, and it worked out this other way instead.

I also bought a cup of lemonade.

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking, “Well, it wasn’t ‘King John’s Christmas’ or a Big Red India Rubber Ball, but gratitude was still part of the story.”


One Response to “Lemonade stand”

  1. Richard Says:

    This is a very nice story. ”Random acts of kindness ” towards a stranger and setting the stage for a ”pay it forward” moment someday.

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