Another Moses

July 11, 2012

Jordan and I had some extra time between his doctors’ appointments today, so we stopped in a bookstore in Arlington Center which sells mostly used books.  When we went to pay for Jordan’s books, the cashier asked if we had an account, because if you sell them your used books you amass a credit you can apply to purchases.  Jordan thought that if we did it would be under my name, so he gave them “Moses” and they asked “Dawn?”  I said no, we paid, and I gave a brief moment of thought to being interested in the fact that there was apparently a Dawn Moses in the vicinity who used the bookstore.

Well, tonight I was looking at today’s Boston Globe, and I noticed an obituary for Dawn Jahn Moses who apparently lived in Arlington and recently died at age 46 (same age as Willy did) from cancer.  She grew up in New Jersey (as did I).  She worked on homelessness, mental illness, and substance abuse policy issues and for Tipper Gore.  There will be a service at Town Hall this Saturday.

I feel bad for her, her husband, and two kids, and I also feel peculiar about the odd coincidences, including a couple I haven’t noted here.


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