Ideas and retrieval

July 4, 2012

There’s a place on the path along the reservoir I often walk around at which I often get a break in my clouds and a clearer understanding, sometimes even an answer to a particular question that’s been on my mind.  It’s where the path turns and follows along, I think, a boundary line with Busa Farm.

Once I had been wondering about how to deal with the idea  that kept intruding that some sort of Cinderella story was about to befall me, which made no sense to me but was accompanied by a sense I wasn’t supposed to abandon the idea as ridiculous and unlikely either.  What came to me as I rounded that curve in April of 2011, I think it was, was “forewarned is forearmed,” that I wouldn’t crash as hard if I had recognized at some point the unlikeliness that the events would come to pass, and in the meantime, if it served some good to think they might come to pass, I could continue with that thought.

Today as I rounded that curve, an idea came to me that I wanted to explore in a post here, and by the time I got close to home about forty-five minutes later, I couldn’t remember what it was, only that I had had such an idea and noticed that I had had it.

In that situation I start thinking, “Okay, maybe it was one of those momentary experiences that I remember having had but can’t actually recall.”  I figured if it served some good for me to write about it, it would come back to me, if not not, and I let the whole thing go.  Before I got to the end of the block, it came back to me.

It’s so often about me getting myself out of the way.


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