Wild roses

June 14, 2012

There’s a wild rose growing next to the pear tree stump — it was there even before Tony the Tree Man took down the tree.  He told me that by the time I need him back for more tree work, the bush will have wound its way around the stump a couple of times.

Tony was the one who put the Buddha up on the stump.  He brought it around from the front (in a wheelbarrow) where it had been sitting on a stump flush with the ground from an arbor vitae.

Eventually I came across a garden statue of an old Chinese wise man — I don’t know if it is supposed to be a particular figure, I just knew I liked it — and put it on the arbor vitae stump where the Buddha had been.  It’s smaller than the Buddha and gray.  Anyway, today, while I was taking out a barberry bush behind the wise man, and transplanting in its place a mock orange bush that was being overwhelmed by ferns in the backyard, I discovered that the Chinese wise man too has a wild rose bush growing next to him.  Kind of striking to me: two stumps, two wise guys, two rose bushes.

Gives me an excuse to give a shout-out to Dave Carter’s “Gypsy Rose,” especially as performed by Tracy Grammer.

What I think the growing of the two wild rose bushes means to me is rebirth, the hope of fragrant flowers growing next to trees that have died out or been removed even more abruptly, transformation.

Which parallels the tale told in “Gypsy Rose” for me, which to me has always been about spiritual rebirth through spiritual (re)union.


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