Don’t try this at home

June 5, 2012

I finished the text of The Naked Now, which I really liked.

Appendix 2 I found very helpful.  It clarified for me something that I was having trouble understanding about my own spiritual life, how to handle the persistent existence of certain flaws in my ego (the idea of the power of witnessing them I found more accessible in the book than I have found when it was presented to me before).

Then I got to Appendix 5 (“Christian Tantra: The ‘Welling Up’ Exercise”).  And suddenly I figured out how spiritual regression can happen, especially when there is no teacher directly involved with the person seeking the experience and the person isn’t ready but thinks they are.  Whether the conduit for the instruction is a book or a human being who isn’t a teacher, the opportunity for the teacher to perceive the warning signs and discontinue the exercise isn’t there.  Wow.

It was like being able finally to reconstruct an accident.

I still have a few more Appendices to read, but not tonight.


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