Fish market

June 3, 2012

This is part of one of what I call spiritual stories.

There is a woman who fishes prolifically, and she meets up with a fellow who says he is better positioned to bring them to market.  She agrees, thinking this will help feed the world.  And then she finds out he’s feeding his family, extended family, clan, and neighborhood at large potlatch dinners with the fish and has amassed great power and wealth in this way.

She challenges him on this and he tries to make the argument that he is actually using his elevated position for the greater good, so in a sense he is feeding the world at large.

“But the actual fish were meant for the world, not your leadership,” she says.

Change “fish” to “God’s love,” and there you have it, and with an easier resolution: she stops trusting someone else to bring it to the people and not turn it to personal, private, and distorted use.


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