Up in the cloud

June 1, 2012

I think part of my task is learning how to live in this world and not rely so heavily on living so much in the spirit world.  At least that’s the feedback I get and it resonates with me — I am aware that I do have trouble living in this physical world.

I was telling Gita today about some recent stuff where I had nobody in a body with me to help and so I did my version of asking for help from the universe.  It worked out fine, but for days afterwards I was much further up in the cloud than usual, which I don’t mind but I think most people don’t think is a great way to live in this world.

I am trying to figure out what the alternative is.  I don’t get much help on the physical plane from people.  Plenty of people are quite free with advice and to-do lists for me, but as Gita observed, I work quite hard at what I do as it is, it’s not the sort of help I could use.

Gita suggested I make clearer to the universe what it is I would like in my life and see if that leads to getting my needs met better.  I am going to try that.


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