A Japanese girl long ago

May 27, 2012

A Japanese girl very long ago drank from a public offering bowl, I heard the story told.  The bowl was meant for something else, her tisane cracked the vessel, and its contents, meant to be spread over the world at large, fractured her mind.  It was all too much for everybody, girl, bowl, world.

But steadily the dust settled, the pieces were collected, the whole was reassembled but for a piece large enough to make sure the same event would not recur.  In the place of that part the heavens substituted some neutral substance, poured it in from above, but that substance, so unadulterated from its source, was difficult to hold, even for the moment while it passed through, even for the most adept conduits.

We each took a turn, and eventually enough was added to complete the whole, but of a different cast.

Eventually, even later, the story came to be told not as one of disaster and repair, but as one about how God (the divine) shared himself with this world, how the divine interpenetrates within us.


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