May 17, 2012

It became warm and humid this afternoon, and in a way I am grateful.  It sort of reminds me of what New Jersey weather is often like this time of year, and that’s where I’m headed at the end of this week, primarily to visit my parents.  The preview will make packing easier.

Maybe the confluence of the Mitt Romney high school stories and this weather (and the fact that I’m also going to have lunch with my high school Latin teacher while I’m in NJ) is responsible for why I was thinking of how, when I was a freshman in high school, this bunch of senior boys (who included two of my neighbors and the brothers of two of my friends, so I did know them a little) used to run around between classes on a rainy or humid day to try to catch sight of me to see how frizzed out my hair might be.  I think they constituted most of the varsity basketball team, so it was probably an honor at my sports-oriented high school, I’m not sure.  I think they liked the hair, I don’t think it was hostile, but I did cut my hair short the next year, even though I’m not sure I put the two things together.


2 Responses to “Weather”

  1. Richard Says:

    We used to call it the” jewish hippie look” a la Carole King circa Tapestry. It was flattering, althought in retrospect, it does not seem that. I think those boys had a crush on you.The irony of adolescence is that neither of you knew it.

    • Diana Moses Says:

      I had to petition to use my dad’s computer in order to retrieve a phone number from an email, and I came across your comment. Thanks.
      By the way, I got a tremendous amount of relief from reading in The Naked Now about “los[ing] a certain interest in gathering more and more information, books, and news.” (p. 60) (Coupled with my parents’ neighbor’s unsolicited comment about my sister, I feel as if major segments of my reality have been validated in just a couple of days!) Thanks again.

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