Desirable encroachment

May 12, 2012

It’s spring, we’ve actually had some rain, stuff is growing in the yard, and in addition to the things that were planted by human beings, there are the things Nature is contributing.  Lots of Bleeding Hearts, a few Columbines, Black-eyed Susans, a small purple cone-shaped flowering ground cover weed, many ferns, a tall weed with purplish rounded flowers.  Some of these plants aren’t flowering yet, but I recognize at least some of what sprouts up.

The other encroachments began as things planted by people but have marched beyond where that was.  I have a Hall’s Honeysuckle that used to grow mostly up a pole now filling in as a ground cover over a dry part of the yard where grass rarely lasts into August.  Lily-of-the-Valley has filled in in all kinds of places, included after it has accompanied a shrub or bush transplanted to a new location.  The Day Lilies proliferate.  There’s Ivy, too, that is filling in in the way back of the yard, including covering the low walls of the compost heap — and springing up in the midst of the compost heap itself.

Barberry bushes, as well as Spirea, also seem to spring up in places they haven’t been planted, and a piece of Boxwood has taken root where we lost a Birch tree.  There’s also a Wild Rose growing around the Pear tree stump (on which sits a Buddha) and a Raspberry bush beneath a Lilac.  And I think there’s a couple of little Rosa Rugosa bushes sprouting up, including one in the back lawn that I’ve been mowing around.

I like it when Nature helps me “garden.”  I can use the help.  I’m wondering whether eventually there will be less grass to maintain as these encroachments continue to spread and maybe meet up with each other.


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