Juno revisited

May 4, 2012

I went back to the Museum of Fine Arts today and saw some beautiful things (including some wonderful jewelry and statues from Egyptian tombs), but when I tried to go see the colossal Juno statue again, I met with disappointment:  they were “setting up for a private event” and visitors were not being allowed in.

When I got home later, I remembered that I had received an email, after my first visit on this ticket, asking for feedback.  I wrote a brief note about both visits, what I had enjoyed, and today’s disappointment.  I received a reply soon after, offering to mail me a pass to visit Juno another time if I send along my mailing address (which I then did).

I am pleased, not just to get another chance to see the statue, but to have experienced that somebody is really at the other end of what can come across as impersonal pro forma requests for information (the genre of follow-up emails inviting the recipient to rate their experience or the product or the vendor), and that the person is actually listening.  I ended up feeling grateful for the mechanism I had originally not cottoned to.  Without it, I probably would have remained just disappointed.  Its availability allowed me to work out a resolution that leaves me feeling happier.


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