Ubiquity of ice hockey

April 22, 2012

I would attribute this to my living in the Boston area and the Boston Bruins’ being in the playoffs right now, but both times I turned on the TV today, there it was, ice hockey.

The first time, it was on a national show (Meet the Press), and I surely didn’t expect the show to cover hockey.  I did enjoy seeing one of those equivalents of the Secret Service for the Stanley Cup, gloved hands and all, especially given my previous confusion on the subject.  I am grateful to have become better educated on the subject now.  Perhaps there is a lesson somewhere in there about patience, or at least about varied, even improving, reiteration of patterns.

The second time I turned on the TV was this evening.  I was wondering if I could find some news, local or national, and instead I found the Bruins going into overtime (which I watched them win) in the sixth of their seven-game series with the Washington Capitals.

As a child I would purposely tune into hockey games on TV when I was looking for something safe to watch (that wouldn’t turn out to be a horror movie) when left alone while my parents went out.  This time it was sort of the opposite — I was looking for news or news analysis and got hockey.

Apparently hockey can be the answer, whether I’m looking for it or not.


3 Responses to “Ubiquity of ice hockey”

  1. Richard Says:

    I always enjoyed live hockey, but not so much on TV, for it was too hard to follow the puck.When my son was 3 or4 years (old enough to express TV preferences) he would tell me to ”stop” when I scrolled through hockey. Thus began a lifelong hockey relationship.As we do not have NHL in Cleveland, he adopted the Pittsburgh Penguins and I the Detroit Red Wings. Over the years, both had some good seasons, so we had some good rivalry, including going to each city to see a game. Maybe a couple in Pitts. ‘cuz it’s closer.
    He now lives in Fla. and we were recently remarking how weird it seemed that Miami and Nashville had hockey teams, since they never have seen ice!
    Interesting that a visual image that was appealing on a TV screen to a 4 year old could forge a 25 year bond of communication

    • Diana Moses Says:

      Did you two come to adopt your teams over time, based on some growing attraction to them, or did you make a decision based on something else, early on?

  2. Richard Says:

    I liked the Detroit Red Wings because they played a good brand of team hockey and they were pretty good. I think Kevin liked the Penquins because Mario Lemieux was at the top of his superstar status at the time

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