Climbing the mountain

April 13, 2012

I am thinking about Moses, in part because of Passover and in part because a couple of comments to my comments on the NYTimes website have called attention to my surname.

The thought my mind came to rest on is, “What good is having climbed the mountain if you can’t see?”

I think Moses (in the Bible) saw, I think I can understand the tradition of his brother Aaron helping him get the message out, but my guess is that there is still unfinished business to the story.  My sense of where to look for what that unfinished business might be is in the notion of the Great Man.  I suspect, in other words, that we’re all supposed to climb the mountain and see.  I think we got stuck in the West with a Great Man model that doesn’t serve ultimately, but may have been a sufficient way of keeping things going until we could understand more clearly what is needed.

A danger, as I see it, is for an Aaron to learn to make the climb himself before he has the vision, the ability to see, because that could result in his transmitting an erroneous message.  I wonder if the previous division of labor between Moses and Aaron could have inadvertently resulted in this consequence.


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