A right-sized barrette

April 12, 2012

I know I used the analogy of a barrette in a blog post, and I remember it had to do with how different thicknesses of hair need different sizes of barrettes, that there’s no shame in needing a large barrette for thick hair, nor moral superiority in needing one either, and likewise for barrettes from which thin hair doesn’t slip out.  I’m not sure what was at the other end of that analogy, I don’t remember what I was saying was not something to imbue with some kind of judgmental assessment.

But no matter.  This morning (or early afternoon) it was the right-sized barrette literally that I encountered, underpriced silver, I want to say Navaho-style, so I can sweep back the front of my hair to the back of my head and eat things like cotton candy and chicken wings or corn on the cob without getting food in my hair outside on a windy day.  Anyway, the shopkeeper said it was so inexpensive because they had bought it long ago and I was expecting a sticker price based on current value.  It fits my particular hair perfectly.  Most of all, it was a beautiful surprise on this day, for which I wanted to express my gratitude.


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