Low tech

April 11, 2012

Well, I seem to be reaping the fruit of not engaging enthusiastically in high technology.  My computer is overheating and I’m not getting reception to WGBH (the Boston PBS station) on my TV now.  Of course, my computer is probably six years old, I’m using a small TV from 2003 with one of those digital converter boxes to get the signal over the air, I live in a valley, and GBH has a reduced signal for now due to some broader issues with an antenna.  I can’t really say any of this is too surprising, since I guess I’ve been aware of living a sort of subsistence technological life.  I have already begun the process with my computer guy of replacing my current computer with a newer used computer, one of a more recent generation.  But I don’t want to pay for cable TV, especially since my telephone needs mean I can’t get one of my provider’s “bundle” discount packages, those same telephone needs require me to stick with that provider, too, (not to mention that my income has gone down while my basic expenses (like healthcare and oil) have gone up).  In the meantime, I can watch the PBS NewsHour 5 hours later on the other Massachusetts PBS affiliate.  In the longer run, I need to figure out whether this means embracing better technology or making some other change in the patterns, big or small, of my life.


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