The middle of the contest

April 10, 2012

I was thinking about the program Head Start and the attention small children get from our friends in the fields of sociology and psychology, and I’m wondering why that attention and such programs aren’t continued through other stages of a child’s life.  Is it not necessary, is it too hard, too expensive, not as gratifying to work with older kids?

I remember meeting in grief groups other widows with younger deceased husbands and younger bereaved children, and talking about that with someone outside the group, who then made the observation to the effect that maybe there are other developmental stages in a child’s life at which they are especially vulnerable to such a loss.  So, I wonder if that can be true for other issues, too.

I have the impression from some of the segments on the PBS NewsHour that more attention is being paid to children dropping out of school.  I wonder if we will come to the conclusion that kids need caring adult attention from a community throughout their development.


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