Buddha and Juno

April 7, 2012

My cell phone stopped holding a charge, and since I had coupons from Staples, I was able to get an inexpensive phone there without parting with cash, and then bring it to the Verizon Wireless store and have them transfer my phone number to it yesterday.  The photo I had on the old screen was our Standard Poodle:

While I was comfortable with leaving the picture of the poodle on the phone even after he had died, I was not going to put it on the new phone, and so I enlisted my younger son’s help in taking a picture of an antique wooden painted Buddha head and putting it on my phone.

He did (with a fair amount of muttering), and because the phone announces things on the screen, there’s a banner of text across the Buddha’s forehead.

This morning I took in the papers.  Jordan (same son) has a subscription to the Globe, and there on today’s front page is “Juno” (they’re actually not sure who she is, since the head was sculpted later and the hands are missing, so they don’t know what she was holding, so they have fewer identifying characteristics to go on).  The newsprint copy is shredded a bit at the fold, so I went to print out a picture of the statue off the web, and the best shot of the sculpture, in my opinion, is one (I have no idea if these Globe links will work without a subscription — sorry) of both head (removed for the move and strengthening the body with a steel rod, but will later be reattached) and body.  I printed it out, and low and behold, across the picture as it is printed (not in the original on the web) is a banner of print, which stretches across Juno’s chin.

I am happy to identify Juno with the Buddha, female and male representations of personages with divinity and with human attributes as well.  So, for me, this is great synchronicity.

I was noticing a T-shirt the other day with the slogan about how prayer is the original or greatest wireless connection, or something to that effect.  That adds another facet to this combination of images, although it was my conscious idea to put a picture of the Buddha head on the phone — that didn’t get drawn in through some other means.  And the lack of certainty about whether the statue is Juno I like, too, because while I doubt it’s Diana, the uncertainty allows me to think of it as “goddess” more generically, and that moves me to think about our individual souls and the divinity that I believe exists within them.  So, I can put it all together and get a picture of how through prayer I can reach the divinity in myself.  Jordan would roll his eyes if I told him.


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