Boys and men and emotions

April 7, 2012

I was reading about a smaller percentage of teenage boys reporting they’ve had sex and about men’s attitude towards sex and intimacy in some entertainment, after just having had a discussion of related issues over the fence with a neighbor.  She has two sons, too, and we were talking about what happens when boy-likes-girl and girl-likes-boy but girl is ready for a closer relationship sooner (whether that closeness is physical or emotional).  An older friend of mine with older children once warned me that it happens, and that helped me support one of my son’s need to disentangle himself from relationships that became too overwhelming for him, and helped me listen to a girlfriend of my other son when she told me how “young” he is.  My neighbor’s story had elements of both these patterns, with her son not being ready but in his case then the girl finding someone else instead, to his dismay.  It’s so hard.  The story of Romeo and Juliet is about a different kind of timing issue, but still, it is a reminder that timing in romance is a factor.  Maybe the image shouldn’t be Cupid shooting an arrow into one heart but of his lining up the openings in two hearts and somehow finding the moment when they are aligned enough with each other to slip a link through both of them and join them together.  Maybe it doesn’t always happen on the first try.


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