April 3, 2012

I was staring out the backdoor at the early morning sunlight on the budding trees and shrubs, and I noticed near me on the potting bench the scented geranium needed watering.  And then I got distracted by something outside again, wandered into the kitchen thinking about what to do next, and took notice of a nagging little cluster of feelings I associate with needing to do something for someone else.  Then the watering the geranium task came back to me, and I watered it.

Afterwards, at the sink, I got to thinking how my reminder and cue are not a full cognitive thought about the task itself, but some emotional window dressing about how I feel about the task — when I notice the feelings, I can ask myself, “What task would make me feel this way?” and that prompts the concrete recollection of the task (through the means of going through a mental check list of likely tasks that it might be).


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