Speed-dating and puppies

March 23, 2012

Somebody today advised me to rethink my decision about not getting a dog right now, and to try speed-dating.

I don’t know, recently I had the experience of a man in my neighborhood walking me home from the bus we both take on Sundays and then throwing his arms around me and saying “Love, love” (he doesn’t speak English, and my Chinese is worse).  I was taken aback.  Not that speed-dating is like that, I would guess, but it certainly didn’t encourage me to put myself out there, so to speak.  I tried the dating-the-relative-of-a-trusted-friend routine a few years ago, and discovered a world of difference between the siblings — so much for the reliability of that approach.

The dog or puppy idea I just don’t think I’m ready for, but, on the other hand, puppies I hear are real good magnets for attracting dating prospects.


One Response to “Speed-dating and puppies”

  1. Richard Says:

    Both need to be housetrained and then there still no guarantees
    Just read a book you may really like. “Sense of an Ending” by Julian Barnes.Short and easy to read, it muses on aging and a reconstruction of the narrative past. I’d never read (or even heard) of him but I notice his reputation is good from his past stuff

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