Coming out, in a sense

March 5, 2012

So my old friend Jesse asked me a question that prompted this reply.  He invited me to share my response privately, via email, but I put it in some sort of Facebook conversation, which I’m going to assume is at least semi-public.  And then I got to thinking that in the course of trying to answer his question, I had come up with a way of expressing where I’m coming from that I’m not too uncomfortable with making somewhat public.  I think it had to do with the audience to whom I was immediately addressing it that it came out in a way I’m okay with.

So, I thought I’d post it here, in case anyone’s curious, even though talking about these things creates the risk of being perhaps misunderstood or having people head for the exits:

I’m not sure where to begin. In retrospect I can see how my heart, as they say, got opened up, maybe cracked open (as a friend of mine likes to say of her own experience). I would say that after a bunch of stuff over many years, I had this sort of spiritual experience back in 2000, and I found myself connecting with faith, joy, hope. Then I went through a really rough period, including Willy’s death and how it has affected our kids and what’s happened with them. But at the same time, I became aware of a lot of other things, and I guess I would say I did some sort of past-life regression and soul retrieval work. I think I discovered I am, in some way, what people call an empath. But in this particular life, I have no formal training — what is kind of interesting is that I can do spiritual work, wind up in a bookstore looking at a book that locates what I did in some old and traditional religious practice, and then have some sense of clarification, of “Oh, that’s what that was about.” I think my understandings and abilities come from a diverse number of traditions, since I find what I do consonant with bits and pieces of lots of them. There’s a strand of mysticism involved, also a strand of healing. It all seems to predicated on a willingness to serve [the greater good] — something like that.


I might add in this post that I’ve never been clear whether I’ve been doing this work for myself or someone else, but I think that for an empath that distinction doesn’t make much sense.


2 Responses to “Coming out, in a sense”

  1. irene koronas Says:

    not sure what an empath is other than thinking of the word as empathy. in that context, i think being empathetic to situations is an opening to many experiences.

    sibyls and oracles come to mind as well. oracles were women and their rein lasted a millennia, which is incredible to contemplate. the oracles of delphi controlled the country in all aspects, political and religeous. it is no fluke to think about how long and how powerful oracles were.

    when embracing our whole self, i find, we live more joyously.

    • Diana Moses Says:

      You can try Googling “empath.” My sense of oracles of historical old (maybe pre-historically things were different) is that they were treated in a way that was tantamount to making them something like caged birds.

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