Valentine’s bouquet

February 14, 2012

I am wondering whether, when someone is very much a part of you, if you buy a bouquet of flowers for them on Valentine’s Day, it also becomes a bouquet for you, too, even a bouquet for yourself; and whether, if you buy one for yourself, it also becomes a bouquet for them.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, and thank you: I have some very beautiful roses (red, pink, and white) and white baby’s breath in a vase in my dining room window.


2 Responses to “Valentine’s bouquet”

  1. Rich Says:

    I agree. The gift ONLY seems relevant if the giver likes it as well. Flowers, watching a movie together, shared food…that’s why fondue is so excellent. Flowers to you.

    BTW have you read the U. Eco book? Shortly after your post, it was in the new section of my local library. I’m just finishing it now. Quite a provacative read, but timely for some issues I’m working through with the religion/spirituality dichotomy. Political timelyness as well. He is able to insult almost everybody

    • Diana Moses Says:

      What you say about the Eco book encourages me to try reading more of it — it’s in a stack of partially read books.

      Insulting is such a delicate dynamic — I suspect I do it most when I’m least aware I’m doing it at all. It reminds me of my struggles interpreting computer software, in that I seem not to be on the common wavelength, not to be making the common assumptions, not to be making the usual interpretations or inferences. When people like Eco do it, somehow they do it in a socially acceptable way, which makes me think that they are still operating within the regular confines of agreed social relations, not being perceived as trying to upend those — but maybe they are doing that nonetheless, I don’t know.

      Here’s an example of that from today for me, my comment to Maureen Dowd’s column:

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