Institutional cultures

January 27, 2012

Here’s another follow-up.  It’s to my meditation on incongruent taxonomies of employees I came upon in my adventures theretofore in sorting out a family member’s health insurance.

I was on the phone today with a Massachusetts government agency involved in regulating insurance, trying to sort out “guaranteed issue rights” for people under age 65 and disabled and not actively working but with private health insurance through an employer, who enroll in Medicare but don’t purchase a Medigap policy initially.  When I eventually mentioned who the employer was, the fellow said something like, “Oh, they self-insure, so they’re not regulated.  And I’ve gotten questions from them from time to time, and they seem to operate in their own little world, because, not being regulated, they never check in with whether their understandings of the rules are the way the rules are interpreted by the government agencies involved.”

Bingo, it’s not just my experience of this thing, or my imagination.


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