January 7, 2012

I went to Friday night services last night, and the rabbi had us work with a partner to exchange blessings.  Each partner was to ask for a particular blessing, and then the other would give that blessing.

I worked with a young woman, probably young enough to be my daughter, but who knows, I used to be mistaken for someone much younger myself.  It was neat to put that kind of consideration aside and just interact with the person on the same level, as an equal.  And we asked for not dissimilar things — to feel from within that one is okay, to have peace of mind through an integration of mind and body.

Afterwards, I thought about practices like Reiki and about being a conduit for energy, healing energy, blessing energy, God’s love, the forces of the universe beyond us, whatever, because I really got that sense that she and I had accomplished that together.  Both the feeling of being blessed and of blessing were wonderful.

I should probably add that I had squelched my initial discomfort with the rabbi’s giving us such an assignment.  My discomfort had something to do with my prior experience with “group work” and with being told what to do (and probably with working on something requiring some amount of intimacy with someone I didn’t know), but I really like the idea of blessings and I was curious to experience what would happen and I know that we find our spiritual experiences where we might not expect them, so I pushed my misgivings aside.  I’m glad I did.

I am also interested that the person who initially invited me to the services, and has sat next to me when I’ve gone so far, wasn’t there last night, although, of course, we might have had different partners for the exercise.  I take it as a help to me to focus on the blessings themselves, because in a way, not knowing the other person from before makes that easier, once any initial awkwardness is gotten over.


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