Pundits, part II

January 3, 2012

What I actually think pundits are supposed to do is to offer their view of the world, through their perspective as enlightened people, to anyone who asks, including government leaders.  I think this enlightenment is the spiritual kind, not intellectual, and I think the task is performed without ambition, with only a willingness to serve the greater good.  I see the role of the pundit as analogous to an ox yoked with another animal for farm work, so, for example, the skills necessary to lead people in the material world can be tempered by spiritual understanding.  The tricky part is making sure that the ox is actually not another horse, that is, that the pundit is truly an enlightened being.  Or, to change the analogy and make reference to that phrase about how sometimes the circus really is in town and the hoofbeats are that of a zebra and not a horse, making sure that the pundit is actually a zebra and not a horse.


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