January 2, 2012

It occurred to me this morning that our dogs didn’t necessarily connect “c-a-r” with “car” so much as with getting into that thing that moved.  But they did connect both forms of reference with that thing and with coming along and going for a ride.

Here’s Exhibit A for how the poodle enjoyed the experience:

That’s him with his head out the sunroof while we were on vacation.  Perhaps someone can let Mitt Romney know that this is how we treat our dogs on vacation.


4 Responses to “C-a-r”

  1. Rich Says:

    Send this to Gail Collins. She needs more ammo to keep her gag going

    • Diana Moses Says:

      Thank you.

      I suspect I took it, since I would’ve been sitting in the front passenger seat. The children would’ve been sitting on either side of him in the backseat, or possibly in the wayback seat facing the rear door of this station wagon. My husband would’ve been driving.

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