Cavafy and change

January 1, 2012

I was thinking about the poem “The City” by C.P. Cavafy this morning, trying to persuade myself to go out to meet up with a group of poets.  I was thinking about how often I find new relationships following the pattern of old ones, and how it’s me who is bringing that with me wherever I go.  That thought got me out the door and onto the bus — silly to try to hide from myself by not going.

The poem sounds rather pessimistic to me about the possibility of change, but I think wherever there is awareness, there is hope for change in the long run.  The awareness is a step.  And given that a new calendar year is about to begin, and I’m also going to turn a year older the next day, maybe I should resolve to try to learn to do a different social relations dance as I begin them (by “them,” I meant, originally, these new years, but maybe, as I read this over, I should also mean new relationships).


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