Animals without ego

December 26, 2011

I really am not sure what people have in mind when they say people with Asperger’s are able to stand in the shoes (?) of an animal, but since it apparently gets contrasted with standing in the shoes of another person, I am going to wonder aloud whether what they are talking about is the lack of “ego” present in an animal, as contrasted with the “ego” of a human being.  Ego structures make it more difficult to climb up to the higher level of the (human or otherwise) animal’s consciousness, and if people with Asperger’s stumble over other people’s ego structures, it would make a lot of sense to me that they find it vastly more comfortable to interact with an animal without one.  What they might then be observing is simply that they can find some part of the animal to relate to that is more hidden from them in a person.  This would not necessarily be about an increased capacity to relate to animals, it could be rather about the openness of animals that makes it easy for all of us to relate to their capacity for being cleaner or clearer conduits of higher energies.  I really don’t know if this is what is going on, but if someone is asking me for a competing explanation, this would be my thinking, at least as far as it has gotten.


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