Thank-you note

December 24, 2011

Where are my manners?

(I actually recently photocopied a few pages of our 1956 edition of Emily Post for someone I know who wanted to know how to address the minister of a church, so I am not above consulting the codes.  Here’s something I think is probably not covered by such things, and I guessed at: this person who asked about how to address the minister has had the same kind of very aggressive cancer my husband died of within weeks of being diagnosed.  He’s talked to me about his cancer and treatment and I’ve watched him go through the impacts of his treatments.  He’s better now.  He knows my husband died of cancer.  I’ve never told him it was the same kind.)

Anyway, I wanted to thank my friends at the NYTimes for sending me links to my comments in their old-style format (my computer would thank you too if it had the wherewithal) — it always makes me smile and feel welcome — and for all their other kindnesses, as well.  They do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

‘Tis the season, hope it’s a happy one for all,



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